Real Bodies Pilates


mindful movement
transforming your body
one breath at a time.

“You are only as young as your spine is flexible.”

Pilates is designed to strengthen the core as it lengthens the body and addresses imbalances. This multi-pronged emphasis builds strength, flexibility and balance. The work you do in the studio will flow into your daily life and athletic activities improving body awareness, alignment, posture and mobility.

Beth Salman is a comprehensively certified BASI Pilates instructor. You can join her at two local studios for group or private sessions or in her home studio featuring reformer, tower, Exo chair and spine corrector for individual sessions. Message her to get started.


Fusion Pilates Asheville
Tuesdays | 5:30–6:25 pm | Multi Apparatus Class

Happy Body
Tuesdays | 7:30–8:25 am | Group Reformer Class
Thursdays | 6:30–7:25 pm | Group Mat Class
Saturdays | 8:30–9:25 am | Group Reformer Class